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Universal health and symptom tracker

The online system stores records of the progression of patients condition over time.


The application reminds the patient and asks about current perceptions, praises for regular reporting, shows joy when the condition improves and comfort when it does not improve.

Thanks to this, the patient feels attention!

The doctor or therapist still has an overview of the condition of the patient. When a more significant change occurs, he is notified.

Thanks to that, the doctor has more time!

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It is a prefect tool up for any type of medical care, that requires coordination of treatment based on observation of patients health progress during the time.

The doctor or therapist still has an overview of the condition of his client / patient. When a more significant change occurs, he is notified.

Thanks to that, the doctor has more time!

The doctor sees all the data in one clear graph, can quickly orient himself and possibly intervene. The display is used for a clear search for trends and dependencies.

The doctor thus provides better care!

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    System monitors subjective symptoms:

    - levels of pain, physical sensations and manifestations (swelling,vomiting, rash), - mobility
    - states of moods and the psyche
    - behaviour (food, sleep)
    - habits such as smoking, gambling addictions, etc.

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    The above can be entered or collected in different ways and combined over time for each patient:

    - through an internet application
    - through a mobile application
    - through answers to calls made by our talking robot

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    We automatically load data from smart devices:

    - scales
    - thermometers
    - glucometers
    - pedometers
    - and other conceivable devices.

Virtual call assistent

We provide regular automatic communication through popular virtual characters with whom patients are willing to communicate.

Automatic communication and reminders help collect information about subjective conditions. Based on their progression we calculate and prepare:
- urgency indices
- summaries of the progression of changes
- and doctor notifications (priority management).

Doctor´s dispatching panel

The view helps monitor which patients return automatically measured and subjective data and with what frequency. It is possible to contact the patient directly from the application when something is wrong and start for example, a video conference call or chat.

Development of symptoms over time.

The online environment for doctors and expert staff displays everything clearly on one screen.

The graph provides the doctor with a clear record of the development of symptoms of a particular patient over time. The view can be set to 7, 14 or the last 30 days, or it is possible to view everything. Notes for individual records can be recorded in text or image form, which are then shown on the graph with a flag. It is possible to move in the graph by simply exaggerating on the timeline and to turn on or off the display of individual symptoms.


Thanks to the use of time series, neuron networks and the principles of machine learning, we are able to assist in calculations and predictions of parameter values such as:

- long-term predictions of weight development
- short-term predictions of glycemic development (in the following minutes and hours)
- probable progression of pain after interventions
- etc.

All these indices are regularly recalculated so a doctor can monitor whether the treatment and the patients' cooperation turn the curves in the right direction. The system helps decide to whom and when it is appropriate to give increased attention in the form of:
- an individual consultation (online, telephone)
- or by arranging a visit.

Applications with access for doctors and patients

The patient has their own access to the application, where they can see and can further add all their medical records. In the part of the application for doctors - PROFI-LOG, the doctor has an overview of all his patients.

The application can be adapted to the marketing spirit of your company and thus give clients another added value of your care.